3 Fun Things to Do For Easter 2021

Easter Things to Do

Hey there!

Easter is here and we are not missing out the yummy treats or the colored eggs! Although we are still in quarantine, there is plenty to do this holiday-- like dyeing eggs! It's a long standing tradition for a lot of people and might be the first activity that comes to mind for celebrating Easter.  What other things have you done to celebrate? Are there any family traditions you like to take part in? Tell us in the comments!

Here are 3 things we thought of that you can do to shake things up a little this Easter Sunday:

Edible Cookie Baskets

Grab your favorite sugar cookie recipe but instead of baking on a cookie sheet, mold your cookies to an upside down muffin tin. Let them cool after baking and now you've got adorable (and delicious) cookie baskets to fill with jellybeans, M&Ms, or other small sweets.

Magic Egg Painting

This one is especially fun for kids. Before dyeing your eggs, take a white crayon and draw designs on them. Try stripes, polka dots, flowers, you name it! Then dye them like usual and watch your designs appear like magic!

Acts of Kindness

Who said only Christmas was a time of giving? Try something new like leaving chalk drawings on Grandma and Grandpa's driveway, give an old friend some flowers or goodies (while maintaining social distance of course), or mow the lawn for someone.

Happy Easter!

XOXO, Jentou


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